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Sportshall Athletics.


On Thursday 25th January, Mrs Bradbury and Miss Markwell took Violet Armstrong, Lily Thomson, Sophie Lynam, Lizzie Kay, Martha Forster, Alfie Beech, Ezra Abrahams, Evan Leask, Jack Dickinson and Bertie Williams-Hunter to the sportshall event at Anthony Gell School.  They all took part in at least 2 events and came third overall with some great individual performances.  Some of them found talents they didn’t know they had! Their behaviour was impeccable and we are very proud of them all.

Football at Brassington.


On Thursday 4th May we took some very excited children to Brassington School for some 'friendly' football matches.


Both teams put in a great team effort. For some of the girls it was the first time they had actually played a real game - it's very different to drills on the playground.  


Both games were hard as Brassington being a small school had mixed age groups and the Year 5/6 children were much stronger than our Year 3/4.  However, both teams kept their heads up to the very end and we're very proud of them all.  The teams were Ruby Matkin, Martha Pearson, Eva Vega-White, Hollie Mae Murphy, Luisa Artamendi-Lyon, Nicole Wilmot for the girls and Oliver Haynes, Jake Matkin, Alfie Beech, Noah Reynolds, Lewis Moreland, Tom Hayley, Alex Thomson, Joshua Kinder and Will McCarthy for the boys.



Sports Hall Athletics – on Thursday 23rd February, our Year 6 team went to Anthony Gell to enter the sports hall athletics competition. The team were George Fern, Bobby Pratten, Matthew Brough, Sam Hayes, Zak Hayes, Natasha Kinder, Amelia Gerrelli, Olivia Moreland, Evie Bellingall and Elouise Kidger-Preston. There was soft javelin, chest push, standing long jump, vertical jump and standing triple jump in the field events. 1 lap relay, 2 lap relay, over/under relay, obstacle relay and 4 lap relay in the track event. Sam threw the javelin so far they had to extend the arena and Elouise threw the furthest chest push of the day. We set the standard for the relays winning all but one of our races – which was a photo finish! It was a stunning team performance, not only did they all give 100%, but they came up with their own tactics and supported each other all the way. We came first out of nine schools and are very proud of the whole team.

The Winning Team!

The Winning Team! 1



On Wednesday 1st February we took a team to the basketball tournament at Anthony Gell School.  It was supposed to be non-contact, but because basketball is a fast and furious game, it can be quite violent!  It was a great team effort with some outstanding individual performances.  Natasha Kinder was awesome in defense, she realised very early that you can knock the ball out of a players hand!  Elouise Kidger-Preston was very casual with her basket scoring. Art Marshall, Matthew Brough, Bobby Pratten, George Fern, Sam and Zak Hayes were all excellent dribbling at speed.  Alfie Reeves found his feet  in the second game and was outstanding in defense.  Overall we came third in the competition, a great team effort with all the players giving 100%. Our new kit is inspiring us!

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Table tennis.


Our table tennis league has proved very successful and our first two finalists, Pablo Artamendi-Lyon and Finn Cooper will play their game in front of the whole school. Date to be confirmed. 

On Wednesday 18th January, Mrs Bradbury and Tom Savage went to JJB Stadium with a very excited Year 6 football team to enter the Derby County Kids Cup.  The team were George Fern, Matthew Brough, Sam and Zak Hayes, Natasha Kinder, Elouise Kidger-Preston, Oscar Bradley and Bobby Pratten.  


The first game took the team by surprise as there are walls to the 5 a side pitch and if the ball hits the wall it stays in play!  The second game was much better as the players realised they could use the wall to their advantage!


Overall, we lost 3 games and won 2.  However, we were not disgraced, it is a tough competition.  Of the games we did win, we scored 4 in the first game and 7 in the second - Matthew Brough scored most, but Zack, Sam and Bobby who don't play regularly all scored.  Bobby was voted sports person as he went in goal for most of the tournament when Elouise injured her finger.  The girls put in a very strong performance, Oscar Bradley and George Fern were outstanding in defense.

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